Prager U Kids

Prager U's 'Around the World' Series from Prager U Kids

Marcel Makes A Sacrifice

Marcel Makes A Sacrifice

Sofia Survives the Border

Sofia Survives the Border

Radical Rick BMX

Blog and monthly Substack content featuring Radical Rick

"Curtis brings an energy and a sincerity that captures the voice of Radical Rick. While honoring the legacy, his research and detail have refreshed the brand with content my fans enjoy."

- Damian Fulton, creator of 'Radical Rick,'

Dare Capital

Monthly newsletters for Dare Capital

"Curtis gets it. He understands what we're looking for, and he's great to work with."

- Cole Harmonson, CEO

Arizona Milk Producers

Monthly blog content for Arizona Milk Producers


Monthly article, newsletters, and video script, all based on the Remarkabrand Podcast—one of Feedspot's Top Fifteen Podcasts by a Creative Agency.

"Curtis brings depth to every project. He doesn't stop until he finds something interesting to say, and he always emerges with a clever, simple insight that works. This is not something you can teach."

- Chris Stadler, Manager of Operations

Case Studies

Short feature articles for Resound

Rising Dental Club

Site and blog content

Total Secure Technology

Press release for regional media and the IT service community

Editing and Publishing

Wordpress, Shopify, online articles, and Substack.

"Without changing what I was trying to get across, Curtis drew it out even more. I almost felt guilty putting my name on it, but then I realized that's what a professional editor does."

- Noelle McEachran, Author of 'Box Hill Talks'

United Dairymen of Arizona

90 second video script, winner of a 2021 Gold Marcom Award

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