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B to A

Feature Film

When a promising college athlete drops her scholarship to carry an unplanned pregnancy to term, the choice rattles everyone—and reunites her with the older, offbeat, war veteran brother she hasn't seen in years.

Meanwhile, a childless couple clings to hope with their adoption journey.

With a few close shaves, the storylines converge.

Plan B becomes Plan A.

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Richard Saves the Grand Parade

Kid's Chapter Book, Ages 7 - 10

Every year, Richard camps out on the boulevard so his family can watch the Grand Parade on New Year’s Day.

But when a mysterious saboteur ruins all the floats, it’s up to him and his trouble-making Grandpa to save the day… and that secret box hidden on the back of one float might hold a clue.

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Stealing From Pirates

Nonfiction - Theater and Drama

Modern drama is a secular art form. From New York City to theater programs everywhere, young professionals labor under a stale, moth-eaten, secular humanist banner.

But why? With classical structure, techniques from today’s masters, and a grasp on truth and imagination that rejects secular assumptions, Christian playwrights can forget the Hallmark channel… and write the plays today’s audiences needs to see.

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Hard North

Dystopian Fiction

Secession, violence, surveillance, Disneyland—it’s 2045 and CalNation has everything.

Everything except cars. But for project manager Crane Wells, the rusted, illegal Volkswagen sitting in his garage might be the only way out of the nightmare. When Crane gets a radio message from his daughter, the one who went off grid in the northern forests years ago, he packs his car and the chase is on—both for him and for Jessica, the young revolutionary who’s been stalking him.


Short Film

Date Works

Wrote, Produced, and Directed



Fiction and Literary


Short Fiction

Camden Angel

Creative Nonfiction

Finalist, Vandermey Nonfiction Contest, Ruminate Magazine.

Review of 'Better Call Saul' for City Journal.

Review of 'The Whale' for American Greatness.


Stage Plays

All Packed

One Act Comedy

Semi-finalist, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Region VII, 2021

Staged reading at New Saint Andrews College


A one act adaptation

Performed on the patio at Restoration Life Church, 2017

Six From the Strand

Full-length drama

Performed at the Second Story Theater, 2011

Ten-Minute Plays

  • The French Reality
  • Fate Necessity, and Patrick's Soul
  • Pasadena
  • The Tide Law

Performed by the Golden Mean Players, at the Second Story Theater, and in workshops at the University of London, Royal Holloway, 2007-2010

Bombing Hills

Full-length drama

Honors thesis; staged reading at U.C. Riverside, 2009